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p.s./bud vases

updated sat 24 mar 07


mel jacobson on fri 23 mar 07

and, of course, i loved my bud vases.
even the dorky ones. and, there were some
real dorks.

rustoleum, red paint. (you know, room temperature glaze.)
feathers and blue paint.
you folks do make me laugh.

and, i got most of them home.
not saying i am going to use them all, but
a couple are on the kitchen work space with
flowers in them. a few of you actually know
how to make a flower vase.
again, not many, but a few of you.
thank god for taste.
love, mel

remember, every pot you receive from another clayart friend
is precious. the one thing i never judge, a gift
of a pot.

i drank tea today from my bill schran mug.
the bowl from my dear friend from the east coast/ with
a new baby...and full of information on design is on
my desk. the pot from my pal in the wheel chair, that
has inspired me no on my desk. i love them all.
maker and pot.

heck, i even love my blue boy mug from david h., my liz mug
with perfect shino, a porcelain mug that glows with white
translucency from diana know...`raku mamamama`.
she is italian, he name means `oil belly`. panci/meaning paunch, or
belly, oli, meaning olive oil. her family in italy made olive oil.

and i have at least 30 mugs at my farm place..made by clayart
friends from all over. good stuff.

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