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nceca tour 07'

updated thu 29 mar 07


sandy miller on mon 26 mar 07

I have been reading all your posts and enjoying
everyones pictures!
I posted my experience on my blog as I think it was
too long to post on clayart.
Nceca was very different for me this year and I have
mixed feelings about the event however I have to
say it is always good to see everyone and listen
to everyone. The older I get the more I am listening.

This past year has been a year of transition for me.
I am more comfortable in my studio than out talking about
pots or glazes. I finally figured out I don't want to teach or
lead workshops or conferences but am completely happy
being a studio potter. It is that simple, a studio potter in
love with making pots.

Wishing you all a terrific spring!!
Sandy Miller
go to the blog if your would like to read my observations on nceca.

Chris Campbell on tue 27 mar 07

Re: Sandy's comment on the level of MFA work ...

I have to agree SOME of it is extremely self involved ..
they are having a good time looking in a mirror at
themselves but nobody else is needed.

oops ... except the booth where you were supposed
to smash a pot ...
no thrill there for the working potter!

That is why the "Outer Circle" idea appeals to me ...
real time potters supporting the next generation.

Chris Campbell - in North Carolina ... I really should be working!

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