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nceca (clay aging for pamela)--kelly's comment

updated thu 29 mar 07


Dave Finkelnburg on wed 28 mar 07

How was the "almost unuseable" clay made at EMU?
Was it dry mixed and then mixed with ~23% water by
weight (just enough water to make a "plastic" body for
use in the studio) in a Soldner or dough type mixer?
Just wondering. Thanks!
Dave Finkelnburg, responding to this post found
in the archives because I've been dropped by CLAYART
again...sigh...(no, my CLAYART list posts don't come
to Yahoo, but to Bluebottle, at an address I don't
post from so I can read posts spam-free)...

On 3/27/07, primalmommy
> In the EMU studio, the first batch of clay we made
fall semester was
> almost unuseable.

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