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advice for new studio

updated mon 31 mar 97


Linda Arbuckle on tue 4 mar 97

In the category of what I wish I'd done:
Floor drains, so you can hose instead of sweep to clean up. When I did
remodelling of the garage, I had them break out the floor in a trough and
put in floor drains. When they put drywall put up in my studio ,it was set a
small gap above the floor, with a vinyl baseboard in front of it. I don't
think it would like tidal-wave water, but I do put down a bucket of water
and use a floor squeegie to clean up. Healthier than sweeping!

Linda Arbuckle
Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator
University of Florida, Box 115801, Gainesville, FL 32611-5801
e-mail: Linda on thu 6 mar 97


I hope you put in a clay trap. If you didn't you may find your self with a
clogged up drain in a few months or years.

Terrance F. Lazaroff
St Hubert, Quebec, Canada!!!!!!!!!!