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change of address

updated fri 12 aug 11


Karl P. Platt on sun 11 aug 96

Greetings all --

This is a brief note to let you know that in a few short weeks I'll be
abandoning Compuserve and this address. To put it bluntly, the prices here at
CI$ are confiscatory and my own domain is a better deal -- by far. Local
providers in Brasil are cheaper by more than half. Go figure.

So, please note that in the future all correspondence should de directed to:

As well, I might persuade you to visit my web site in your spare time:

In the meantime I wouldn't want to lose touch with any of you so please update
your address files with the address

Abracos grande do amigo

Karl P. Platt

Gavin Stairs on sat 20 sep 97

Hello all,

My isp has once again gone bankrupt, and I am forced to change my e-mail


Please change your address books accordingly. Thanks, Gavin

Gavin Stairs on wed 7 jan 98

Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 11:43:53 -0500
To: Bob Watson, Clayart (list), Eva Douglas, Gil Stengel, Jeorge
McGladdrey, Penn Kemp, Ron Roy, Veronica Shelford
From: Gavin Stairs
Subject: change of address

Hello all,

I'm once again changing my isp, but this time, I'm using my own address, so
you won't have to change the address again, even if I do change isp.


Please change your address books accordingly, one last time. Thanks, Gavin

FRANK GAYDOS on wed 20 may 98

Hello all,

Please be advised that I have moved to Erols internet service and update
your address file.
I'm hoping to hear from all of you in the near future,

Your friend, trading buddy and pottery mavin,

Frank Gaydos

Dai Scott on thu 18 oct 01

Clayart friends - please note our change of email address from to effective immediately.
Dai in Kelowna, BC
"There is no right way to do the wrong thing."

Les Crimp on fri 19 oct 01

Still Life Stationery from StationeryCentral

Les Crimp
Studio Potter=20

To All Our Clayart Friends -=20

Please note the following change of address:


now is:

Les Crimp on that Island in the Pacific.


Andi Fasimpaur on sun 2 dec 01


I just wanted to let everyone know that I have changed my
address from this change will
allow me to read clayart without tying up the phone line.

I hope everyone is well and that the season is treating you
and yours kindly.

Andi Fasimpaur

June Perry on sat 2 feb 02

Hi Everyone,

In an effort to rid myself of spam, I have shut down all email to my main
account and will now be using the following address:

June Perry
Shambhala Pottery

Taylor on wed 16 oct 02

Just a note to let you know that as of October 24th Dan and Joanne =
Taylor will have moved to 5987 Oldfield Road, Victoria BC, V9E 2J4. Our =
new phone number is (250) 652-5022. Our e-mail will stay the same for =
the moment.


We invite you to visit

Thought for the day...
"Never confuse motion with action."
-Ernest Hemmingway

Tracy Dotson on fri 17 jan 03

Please note the change of address for The pottery Tracy Dotson.


The Pottery Inc
Tracy Dotson
PO Box 14
Penland, NC 28765

JAMES LEE on fri 16 jul 04

To those who occasionally post me directly:

My e-mail address has now changed to

Please feel free to make changes in your address

Thank you.

In the Mojave hoping she can again find her way
back to Clayart ..... been a long time since I've
been out here all by myself wondering what
happens next. Scary, eh? Took forever to install
DSL. I think I'm the only one who had three
consecutive "problems" that had nothing to do
with operator-error ..... but I seem to be here
now........ Scary, yes.

Rikki Gill on sun 18 mar 07

To all my correspondents,

I've changed my address to Please note these changes
in your address book.

Thank you,
Rikki Gill

Clayart Friends on thu 11 aug 11

Clayarters, please note the change in my address.( it is a subtle change, s=
look closely!) If you are interested in maintaining contact with me, please
adjust accordingly since I am about to change to a different service
provider. The address currently on my website will also change in the close
Antoinette Badenhorst