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finding phone #'s and company addresses

updated fri 24 oct 97


Ditmar/Gayle on sat 18 oct 97

I've noticed that quite frequently clayarters are looking for business
contact numbers.
One easy way to find companies is to call the 1-800 information and see if
the company you need is listed. It'll save you some time if you're in a
Just dial 1-800-555-1212.

For those who enjoy the hunt, and want to find all sorts of interesting
things "that you never knew they made", see if your local library has a
copy of The Thomas Register.
It's about 24 or 25 volumes and 20,000+ pages of alphabetical listings of
products and the companies. Lots of information can be gleaned from the
pages themselves, since there's advertising. Additionally some companies
have their products and catalogs printed in one or two of the volumes. Well
worth finding !
( Sometimes you can find a copy at Hardware "department" stores, like Eagle
or Home Base etc. They may not let you do your own searching though. Or, if
you're friendly with any local businesses ask if they may have a copy.)
Buying your own set is about $250 or so.
The Thomas Register also has a web site, and after you register ( free )
you can search from your keyboard. or

Another easy way to get information on your computer, is to just use one of
the "search engines" such as Alta Vista or Excite. Type in what you're
looking for, or a company name, and you'll probably end up with more
responses than you need. Refine them and sort through the "chaff".

Happy searching !!

From Alohaland, Ditmar.