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fw: looking for glaze posted recently

updated sat 31 may 97


Jan Adams on thu 22 may 97

> From: Jan Adams
> Newsgroups: bit.listserv.clayart
> Subject: Looking for glaze posted recently
> Date: Monday, January 01, 1601
> A couple of weeks (?) ago, someone posted a recipe for a glaze described
> "white with orange specking". I printed out that posting but now cannot
> find the pages. I wonder if someone would post it again or suggest other
> glazes which tend to spot either in oxidation or reduction. I also
> if these are the glazes which Chappell describe as 'iron-spotting well',
> and if so, must a dark clay body be used? I am currently experimenting
> with fake ash glazes and I think that a glaze like this would look
> wonderful with them.
> Thank you,
> Jan in NC, with beautiful days now feeling like Spring!