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glaze advice

updated thu 12 nov 98


KATHLEEN hill on sun 24 aug 97

I have been experimenting with low fire glazes this summer and have found
the following two books to be helpful.
Electric Kiln Ceremics, A guide to clay and glazes, 2nd edit., by
Richard Zakin. This book has recipes for glazes in the following cones
He also includes info on testing, evaluation, approaches to ceramic
surfaces, firing schedules, safety, etc.

The Potter's Palette, by C.Constant and S.Ogden. This book has
two base glazes at ^04 and two at ^10 and a raku glaze. I did not use the
glaze recipes but did use the info about oxides and other colorants to
test a glaze recipe that I already had. this book has color photos test
tile of each glaze with various oxides and combiniations of oxides. It
gave me a good idea of what to expect from the oxides and directions to
explore (of course I still got a few surprises!!)

good luck

centa uhalde on wed 11 nov 98

What type of cone 5 glaze (not glossy) would go well over a midrange red
clay body (called Navaho Wheel for Californians) that has a carved surface
in part and, in part, incised/carved through lighter colored slip. Looking
for a glaze that would tie elements together, maybe. It is my first attempt
at something with a spout and handle, though I wouldn't call it functional;
it might be but to be safe I'd say decorative.