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kiln advice -- wall thickness

updated thu 31 oct 96


Janet H Walker on tue 15 oct 96

Lori -- My advice would be to get the thicker walled kiln. I bought
the thin walled Skutt and I regret it. The major reason is the
characteristics of cooling. The thin-walled kiln loses heat very
quickly at top heat and it is difficult to get good results unless
you use a controller and "fire down", continuing to fire during the
cooling. Even so, it cools enough to unload about 12 hours after it
finally shuts off. I hear that the 3-inch wall kiln takes about 24
hours to reach the same point. So it isn't really a question of
economy so much as the kind of result you can achieve. I don't have
any experience with digital timers. Is that just to record the
elapsed firing time? By the way, I fire to ^6 (at least, I try).
I expect that with trying to fire hotter, the effect of the thin
walls would be even more pronounced.

Best wishes
Jan Walker