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kiln advice/expertise

updated sat 31 aug 96


Rookie Potter on fri 16 aug 96

Hi All!
I am about to buy a big kiln ( 3ft high, 24" wide inside ...)
for a REALLY REALLY low price. It has never been used. I have the
manual and I believe it was built in 1978. I have never seen this
brand of kiln. This makes my partner worried because it might have
stopped being manufactured because they found it to be environmentally
unsafe ( or something like that ). I am hoping that someone out in
clayart land will have some knowledge of this kiln or maker. Please
send me your comments!
Anne in Austin

JenKen Electric Kiln from Jenkins Wholesale Co. (Sarasota Fl)
( don't know model but its one of 24A, 24, C-24
D-24, or B-24)
Model K-10 Kiln Sitter control.
230 V.A.C. - 45 amps.

Send info to on sat 17 aug 96

JenKen kiln is no longer in Sarasota. They were sold and are in another city
in Florida. They do exist. We have used their kilns in the Sarasota County
School system. I have been teaching for 26 years. I replaced the kiln at
school about 10 years ago and it's still running well. I don't have their
address right now. Next week I'll talk to someone who had contact with them
in the last couple of years in the purchase of a kiln. The person who had
contact with them is out of the country on vacation.

Cheryl Fisher
Art Teacher and Potter
Sarasota, FL