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kiln advise wanted

updated thu 31 oct 96


Lori Wilkinson on fri 11 oct 96

We have finally decided we are tired of nursing along one of our old
electric kilns and are considering a new Skutt. We are trying to decide
between a KM 1027-3 (that has the thicker walls and digital timer) and the
1027 with the timer and cone setter plus thinner walls. My questions are
are the 3 inch walls that much more benificial as far as economy goes and
how else might I benifit from the thicker walls? Also what about the
digital timer? How reliable are they? Anyone have anything they would like
to share? You may e-mail me directly if you would like. TIA

Lori Wilkinson in Roswell New Mexico where the weather is gorgeous.

Louis Howard Katz on sun 13 oct 96

I used to sell skutt, use them still do, still repair em. I like the 3"
walls because they are more resistant to abuse and moving. Theyare easier
to repair when old because they hold up better. The metal corrodes less
the switches stay coolr. Your studio stays cooler. Your pots cool slower.
Only reason to purchase a 2 1/2 inch kiln as I see it is to make use of
the slightly larger kiln shelves that you might already own.
I am sure there will be disagreement out there.

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