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kindly souls with good memories wanted

updated fri 28 feb 97


Lili Krakowski on wed 11 dec 96

Ok. Fusion F38 strontium containing frit was mentioned on Clayart just a
couple of days ago. Someone got an address for a source, preferably on
East Coast (shipping zones you know)??? Also. Where can one get Potassium
Bichromate? None of "my guys" seem to have it. Last. I feel so sure
that Ceramics Monthly had an article a few years back on how to make
extruder dies that make hollow tubes (like long long doughnuts, you
know.) I have read those indexes over and over. No luck. Help? Last:
is there someone out there who knows someone out there who custom makes
extruder dies? I need one and do not feel like buying a set, whcih seems
to be all I can locate. If you reply and I do not thank you instantly it
is because I will be unable to between Dec 14 and Jan ? as the computer
I use will be on Christmas vacation.

Lili Krakowski on sun 9 feb 97

Potassium dichromate used to be available from Penn Mo Firebrick (7l7)
234-4504. I think they may have gotten it from Standard Ceramics in


FAY & RALPH Loewenthal on tue 11 feb 97

Here in South Africa one can get pottasium dichromate from any
laboratory chemicals supply business. I buy it in 500gram (+1Lb)
containers. I am sure that it is easier to obtain from these type of
companies in the States. All the best Ralph