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updated thu 30 jun 11


Joyce Lee, Jim Lee on sat 12 jul 97

I have a message for Carl McAfee from Norton, VA from a Manitoba potter.
I don't see his name on the Clayart list. Anybody know him and how to
locate him? Thanks


Joyce Lee on sun 21 nov 99

Carl (or Karl) McAfee or (MacAfee) from Norton, Virginia... need to get
in touch about a "bread" bowl he wants......not sure whether his concept
of bread bowl is same as mine or not... think it may be based on style
of mid 1800s. Anybody know of this gentleman? I think he's an attorney.
May be retired.

In the Mojave feeling more like a potter than I have until now... two
kilns going and both appear to be doing what they're designed to do.
Probably be back tomorrow whining... One of these days I'm going to see
about tackling (with a lot of help) a little MFT like the one Mel and
Vince and Vince's students built in Tennessee... picture on Mel's page.
Salt, maybe? or wood? Small enough....could be..... ahhh dreaming the
imposs.... maybe not.

C Sullivan on wed 29 jun 11

Good Mornin' All
Does anyone know of a place for sale which is suitable for pottery where th=
owner will carry the loan in a somewhat warm climate ? (Preferably not in =
zone where snow drifts reach 3-4 feet . . . )
Thank you all in advance.