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looking for ^6 red and purple

updated mon 30 sep 96


Ken L Russell on fri 20 sep 96

Subject: Looking for ^6 Red & Purple

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A studio I am involved in is in the process of
shifting from ^10 to ^6 and is trying to put
together a "menu" of glazes to be used by
students and studio potters. I am told that it
is possible to get RED at ^6 (I thought that
wasn't possible). We are also lacking in any
purples. If anyone has recipes to share in
this regard we would most appreciate.

The CERDEC corporation makes a red stain (we're talkin' RED, not brick or
pale pink, I mean fire engine red) . It's VERY spendy but it works. Add
it to a clear base glaze between 6 to 12 % and you're rolling. You can
get 1 ounce samples from Continental Clay (1-800-432-CLAY) for around 5
bucks an ounce plus shipping. Karen Gringuis wrote an article about it
in Clay Times a few months ago. She tested it to cone 10 and got
brilliant reds, yellows and oranges. Can't help with purple other than
playing with magnesium carbonate percentages in a clear or semi-opaque
base glaze. Good luck!

Ken Russell
The Arlington Pottery