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looking for a resource

updated fri 24 oct 97


Libby Weigand on wed 1 oct 97

hi to all who read this, was happy to find this site on the internet. i was
a potter for years and am now just getting back into it. i have been out of
touch for 15 years. i specialized in raku work and i am looking for resources
to purchase materials - raku kilns.. good glaze recipes etc...

if anyone would like to help me with some info, please send a note. i would
like to find a small propane raku kiln to get started for now. thanks.

Carolynn Palmer on thu 2 oct 97

Libby - you need to give us a hint about where you are located
(geographically) before we can give you information that will be meaningful
to you.

Carolynn Palmer
Somerset Ctr, Michigan

Karen Gringhuis on thu 2 oct 97

Libby - orderup all the ceramic supply catalogs starting w/
Bailey in Kingston NY and Axner 800-843-7057 and A.R.T.
800-323-0212. They all sell kilns - I don't know about what
you want but take a look. Karen Gringhuis