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looking for colemanite

updated sat 31 aug 96


Peter Wilkins/CAM/Lotus on thu 8 aug 96

I have found a couple of glaze recipes that I want to try that include
colemanite, but I can't find it offered for sale in any of my catalogs. Can
anyone tell me why this mineral is hard to find?


June Perry on fri 9 aug 96

The material being mined at the time it was being sold was very inconsistent.
It hasn't been around for some time. If you'd like I can send you a tiny
sample if you want to do a comparison test.
Gerstley borate would be suitable substitute for the colemanite even though
their molecular formula seems a bit off their is a bit of balance of the
fluxing materials -one has cao the other Na2O.

Good luck!
June Perry