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looking for david pendell

updated sun 30 jun 96


Chris Schleifer on mon 29 apr 96

Jonathan Kaplan wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> I am trying to contact David Pendel (sp?) whom I met at NCECA last month. I
> lost his address and know he teaches somewhere in Utah. Your help is
> appreciated!!

I am a pottery student at the University of Utah where David Pendell is a profes
talk to him tomorrow and tell him you are looking for him. If you want to mail
personally I can get you the info you need. I know he has a little mac but he p
doesn't have an e-mail address.

BTW I just started this list yesterday. It looks great, I am looking forward to
some new ideas.

Chris Schleifer on mon 3 jun 96

Hey folks, is David Pendell online?

Steve Branfman