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looking for extruder and slab roller

updated sat 30 nov 96


Don Jung on wed 6 nov 96

Hi everyone, back in Vancouver from our trip to New Mexico and Arizona.
It was truly fabulous. The sunsets and clouds are really memorable as
well as the early snow in Sante Fe and Taos. Meeting fellow potters
also made the trip especially enjoyable...highly recommended wherever
you travel. Can't wait to go away again.
Back to pots..., we're looking to adding a stainless steel Northstar
extruder and a compact 30" slab roller to our studio but before we go
ahead and order new, perhaps there's someone near by that knows of some
preowned or at a great deal...
Any comments on the extruder? We are also short on space and are
looking for a compact (12-24"long) slab roller that can be butted up to
an existing table or mounted on top of an existing table...any
suggestions/recommendations would be welcome.

thanks Don Jung
(for the techy as well as intellectual issues)
Kensington Pottery Club
Vancouver, B.C. Canada