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looking for help to build a trundle wheel.

updated sat 30 nov 96


Andrew Kuhl on sat 2 nov 96

I'm looking for someone who has built or has plans for a trundle wheel.
I'm told that this is the type of wheel that uses a lever to spin the
fly wheel based wheel head. Also does anyone know where one can
purchase a wheel head, axle, bearings and bearing mounts?

You can E-mail me directly at Thank you so much for
your help.


Andy Kuhl

Don Curtis on mon 4 nov 96

Good plans in The Self-Reliant Potter by Andrew Holden


June Perry on mon 4 nov 96

Dear Andrew:

If trundle is the same as treadle, the Harry Davis book has plans for the
treadle wheel. If you have access to the New Zealand Potters magazine I
remember some time ago seeing ads for parts for building treadle wheels
including a beautiful looking wooden wheel head as an option. You can
probably find things cheaper here by buying used metal at scrap yards and
doing it yourself or getting someone else to cut and weld for you.


Akita-jin \"Lee Love\" on tue 5 nov 96


Do you have subscription info for _New Zealand Potter's Magazine_? My
son is hopping on a plane for New Zealand today (he is moving there to
get married to a N.Zer) and I'd like information on pottery in New


/(o\ Lee Love In "St. Paul", MN ' Come see some pixs of my AkitaPup:
\o)/ ' ' "It gets late early out there."
-Yogi Berra-