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looking for ideas on new gas kilns

updated fri 31 may 96


Erin Hayes on wed 15 may 96

It's nearing time for us to think about retiring our dear old Gadget - an
Alpine updraft that is older than I am (admittedly only 30). She's a
good old girl, but I fear she doesn't have too many more quarters of
firing left in her.

Do any of you have ideas about building a stacked kiln versus another
fancy-schmancy prefabricated one? I have to be especially careful about
prices. We have a perfect patio area off the clay studio to build a kiln
outside, but my kilnbuilding experience is limited to a sprung arch
bisquing kiln in grad school.

Does anyone build stacked kilns on site? Can prefabricated kilns last
alright outdoors under a roof (the winters are -20 sometimes here)?

Looking for suggestions...

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