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looking for juror

updated sat 31 may 97


Talbott on thu 22 may 97

Ceramic Artists of San Diego is starting to make plans for their annual
member show for next year and I was asked to query clayarters for suggested
jurors. We are looking for someone in the Los Angeles or surrounding areas
...... just far enough from San Diego to keep transportation costs down but
still far enough to keep the jury process working properly by not being
familiar with our members' work. We'd also be interested in someone who
may be visiting the area, giving a workshop etc. Our tentative plans are to
have the jurying in November - date is open for scheduling.
I am one of the lost AOL clayarters so please send suggestions directly to my
e-mail instead of clayart for now. I promise not to complain about so many
messages for a while.... it is lonely without everyone.
Carol Ratliff, San Diego e-mail to: