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looking for plans for raku kiln with counter balance

updated sat 31 may 97


Leon Popik on fri 23 may 97

Would anybody have or know of a websight where I could get plans for a Raku
kiln with a counter balance. I would appreciate any information anyone
could give me.

Thanks in Advance

Sherry mcDonald Stewart on sat 24 may 97

Interesting that you should mention this at this time. I was just in
Portland for the Potters assoc. show, and I met Hank Merill (not sure
of the spelling there) he told me that he had designed this type of raku
kiln many years ago, and that it was in a copy of some book on raku. I
am sure I have seen this design that he spoke of. At anyrate, either
someone from Portland can put you in touch with him, or I can hunt down
his card for more specific information to send you. I told him about
clayart, so maybe he will be popping in!

Harvey Sadow on mon 26 may 97

Will the person who posted the request for the counterbalance raku kiln
please contact me.

Harvey Sadow