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looking for someone

updated thu 15 mar 01


Kathryn Whipple on sun 20 jul 97

Kate Shakeshaft, are you out there in the ether? I've heard you are back in
the G'ville area.
Would like to show off my new studio.
Kathryn Whipple

Deeclay@AOL.COM on tue 13 mar 01

I feel so stupid doing this but I would love to find this really nice lady
from NC that was at Las Olas Art Fair in Ft. Lauderdale.
She was making salt shakers and French butter dishes.
We talked and found out we were both going to NCECA. I asked her to bring a
green butter dish and I would buy it. Now I can't find her name and I know
she is on Clayart. Hopefully she will see this and contact me. If not I will
be in Clayart room Fri. night.
See you all there.
Diane from Miami