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looking for wheel

updated tue 7 aug 01


Kirk Morrison on wed 9 oct 96

My wife and I live in a very small Apt right now and are looking
for a house, on which we are going to build me a studio, well in the
meantime I need a small wheel to keep my skills up, as I will be
finished with my class in a few weeks. I think I can get by for a few
month with something like the old Vari Wheel. Does anyone have one or
something similar or now of something similar out there? Until we get
out of the apt and into the house we are working on building I don't
have room for the Brent or Shimpos

Jean Stephenson on mon 24 nov 97

A neighbor is looking for a used wheel for her daughter who just
graduated from college. They would like to give the wheel to her for
Christmas. They are willing to travel pretty much anywhere in Oregon to
pick it up. If you are interested please reply directly to her
parents. Their E-mail address is Thanks very
much for your help. Sincerely, Jean

Marty Morgan on mon 6 aug 01

I'm looking for a used Brent Model C as a backup wheel. I live north of
Boston, am willing to travel the greater New England area to fetch.