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need kiln advice

updated sun 15 apr 01


Starbuilders on sat 27 apr 96

Dear Friends,

Everything was going great, then I exhibited in the tile show, and now I
need a bigger kiln. Here we go again with the "equipment research phase".
So what I need to know may sound dumb, but please bear with me:

1. Should I stay with electric or go to gas?
2. What's the best kiln, in your opinion, around 30 cubic feet?

I have natural gas service where I live
I would prefer not to change all my glazes (just finished all my color
charts of over 300 glazes)
I'm very happy with my electronic controller and would like one on the
larger kiln as well

Thanks for being there - I'm really depending on you guys & gals for this

Hollywood, FL on mon 29 apr 96

My favorite 30 cubic foot kiln is a Geil! I love that kiln. It is simple to
operate and firings are generally successful! If you change to gas you
probably will need to change the largest proportion of your electric kiln
glazes, however, and retest them all. Good luck in your search.

Marilyn in Utah.

bravohorse@TWLAKES.NET on sat 14 apr 01

My name is Kitty and I'm thinking about getting into ceramics. Can
anyone here give me some advice about buying a used kiln? I've found
a used Duncan kiln, The Boss Plus EA1229, plus lots of molds. The
problem is the kiln has some damage and so I don't know whether to
buy it or not. There are about 3 or 4 of the tiles on the sides that
are broken and there is a crack in the bottom. Any help is
Thanks in advance,