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sails advice needed

updated mon 30 jun 97


Tracy Dotson on sat 21 jun 97

From: ThePottery
Subj: Re: sales advice needed!

I too have hated to see my work sold at wholesale for 50% but a number of
years ago my wife kept some good records on just how much we were saving by
going to fairs. Turns out that after all expences were added up (Booth fees,
travel and food) we were only getting 10% over the wholesale price! (Not
counting getting rained out or the lost time while traveling and sitting at
the fail) Now if you set a price on what your time is worth, then the 50%
isn't too bad. We still go to about 5 shows a year which have proven to be
sellers. I need to see the response of the customer to our work and I
consider the trip to be a way to get away from the studio.

Best of luck ..... Hang in there ..... Keep working at it but most of all
it's you own time and your own space that we are all working towards. Try to
make honest pots and the public and your wholesale accounts will respond