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wanted: information regarding ma programs

updated tue 30 apr 96


Iosif Moravetz on wed 24 apr 96

I post this inquiry in hopes of helping a fellow student of
archaeology residing in Romania. His name is Dan Leopold Ciobotaru and
resides in the city of Timisoara, located near the Hungarian border. Dan
is currently finishing his undergraduate degree, with outstanding grades.
For the past five years he has excavated at many Neolithic sites, both in
Romania and Hungary, and is now employed part-time by the Banat Museum. I
had the fortunate pleasure of working with him on three excavations in
Romania and I can say without a doubt that he is a dedicated worker. Dan
also published an article on neolithic ceramics in a Romanian journal of
history. He is fluent in three languages, Serbian, Romanian, and English
and therefore, he would be and ideal candidate to do research in the
Central Balkan area.
Since he has no access to the Internet he has asked me to inquire
about the possibility of doing an MA in the West, either western Europe or
America. Also, what are the possible sources of funding for student coming
out of eastern Europe? If anyone who receives this message has any ideas
regarding these questions I would greatly appreciate if you sent them to me.
I will pass them on to Dan. Thank you all.

Iosif Moravetz
Department of Anthropology
University of Manitoba