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work experience wanted

updated mon 30 jun 97


Ben Dipper on wed 25 jun 97


I'm writing this message on behalf of my sister who has recently
graduated with a BA in Ceramics.

She is planning to take a year away from studying before applying to do
a masters course, and is interested in trying to obtain some work
experience in the field of ceramics during the year, preferably overseas
- ideally Australia or the USA.

Not knowing much about ceramics myself, I am not really in a position to
expand about what her specialisms are at this stage, but I just thought
I'd post a message to see if anybody out there might be in a position to
either offer her a work experience placement in a workshop/factory for a
few weeks during the coming year, or put me in touch with somebody else
who might be able to.

I can obviously provide more information about what her particular
interests are if necessary at a later stage, but if anybody might be
able to help for now, I'd be very grateful if you could mail me back -
personal replies are probably best.

Many thanks in advance.

Ben Dipper
Manchester, UK