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looking for a penpal

updated thu 5 jul 07


mark on fri 29 jun 07

This is a bit off topic, but I posted a couple of months ago to have the =
great people of clayart look at my website. Thanks to all who looked and =
for the feed back. Any way I got a rather nice response from one person =
in Switzerland. So my daughter ( 11 ) and I thought it would be cool to =
sent her a couple of cups. We did and they made it in one piece. This =
prompted my daughter to see if there would be a penpal in Switzerland. =
While we have not heard from anyone yet, I'm wondering if there are any =
potters living outside the USA that may have a 11 - 12 year old daughter =
or grand daughter or friend that may want a penpal in the USA. I think =
the art of letter writing is being lost and continue to encourage my =
daughter to write. Besides it is exciting to get letters in the mail. =
Kind of rare these days. So if any one out there may be interested =
please contact me off list. Thanks to all, Mark Knott =
Also, If you have a chance there is a great teapot exhibit in Scottsdale =
Arizona that may be viewed on line at with some of =
our very own clayart artist included. Thanks again Mark Knott

Graeme Anderson on wed 4 jul 07

This Canadian site may be of interest to your lass and her classmates. It
is designed to help with English and communication, either with snail-mail
or e-mail.

Cheers. Graeme.