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peeler ceramic films (address change)

updated sat 11 aug 07


Chuck Wagoner on fri 10 aug 07

Well, while we are at it. (Blatant Commercial)

I'd like to put this in the archives for future searches.

I have changed e-mail addresses as we now have a broadband connection so
anyone looking for the Peeler Ceramic Art Film series

"Potters of the USA and Japan" or "Ceramic Methods" (Ceramics, How, What =
Why, Hand Building Techniques, The Coil Method, and Mosaics)=20

Are now be available at this email address,

Thank you for letting me post this into the archives for future =


Charles Todd Wagoner
North Vermillion Jr./Sr. High School Visual Art Dept.
Billie Creek Village Potter, Rockville, IN
Charter Member "Bald Headed Potters of America"
Home of the Peeler Ceramic Art Film Series "Potters of the USA and =
and "Ceramic Methods" now on DVD.