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looking for meron kloppman

updated thu 6 nov 97


Louise Jenks on fri 31 oct 97

Does anyone have the address for Meron Kloppmann? I think she lives in
Thanks in advance,
Louise, in Cincinnati

Dawne Fowkes. on sat 1 nov 97

Marin was a classmate of mine at the Kansas City Art Institute. She went
from KCAI to University of Minnesota for her MFA with Mark Pharis.... I don't
have a recent address but you may want to try to contact the ceramics
department there and see if they can give you some info. There are other
classmates of mine on clayart that may have kept in contact with her .....
hopefully they will reply to the list.

Dawne Fowkes :)

Linda McNary on wed 5 nov 97

>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>Does anyone have the address for Meron Kloppmann? I think she lives in
>Thanks in advance,
>Louise, in Cincinnati


I just called Maren Kloppmann (this is the correct spelling) at the
Northern Clay Center in Minneapolis. She gave me the OK to put her phone
number "out" for any of you folks who saw her work at the Cincinnati
benefit (and I guess anyone else out there who loves really fine clay art-I
am obviously very fond of her work too!!!) She can be reached at
612-351-7530. (She doesn't "do the Net")

As long as I'm at it, I might as well carry on a bit about NCC. The new
facility which had its grand opening in September is really an
extraordinary place- to quote the St. Paul Pioneer Press' review of the

"After seven years, NCC has evolved into arguably, the premier center in
the United States for the teaching, exhibiting, and selling of ceramics.
If you have not visited NCC's new digs, it's high time."

It IS well-worth a visit and though Minnesota is a bit out-of-the-way for
many of you, if you get a chance, do come! You won't be disappointed. The
two inaugural shows are down now, so call for info on what's up...