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advice on purchasing a kiln

updated wed 22 aug 07


Doreen P. Diamond on tue 21 aug 07

I need to purchase a kiln. I have never fired a kiln on my own before. I
have always been in a studio envoronment where someone else has done the
firing. I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and was told I can't drive
for a while, which confirmed my long-time desire to set up my own studio
at home anyway. The key point is, I need the easiest kiln on earth to
fire! I'm looking for a kiln that will fire to cone 10 with a sitter or
controller on it that basically does it all. I am looking at the Olympic
2827H and wanted to know if anyone has any opinions on it, or if anyone
can tell me if I should be looking at another kiln in the same price-
range? I was considering purchasing a used kiln but was too afraid of
doing this since I know absolutely nothing about kilns... Any advice
would be appreciated!