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101 clayart mugs... looking for places to go...

updated mon 3 nov 97


Talbott on sat 1 nov 97

In order to display the exhibit I estimate that it would require about 50
square feet of wall space to accomodate the 101 mugs... Perhaps 10 peg
boards which would hold 10 mugs each. A wall space 5 feet tall by 10 feet
in length should easily hold the display. I have sent out about 50
applications at this point to interested potters. This is still a
tentative exhibit but hopefully will catch on... Perhaps a small brochure
could be published listing the participating potters' names, a descriptive
statement of the type of work they do, and contact information... Please
let me know if you have ideas for possible show locations. Your comments
and suggestions are welcomed... ....Marshall

Details will be forth coming!!!

Celia & Marshall Talbott, Pottery By Celia, Route 114, P O Box 4116,
Naples, Maine 04055-4116,(207)693-6100 voice and fax,(call first)
Clayarters' Live Chat Room, Fri & Sat Nites at 10 PM EDT & Sun at 1 PM EDT

joanna on sun 2 nov 97

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
In order to display the exhibit I estimate... Perhaps 10 peg
boards which would hold 10 mugs each.

ummm, peg boards. this says to me hooks. hooks mean handles to drape
over hooks. am i right? are we being very specific about the definition
of mug? i don't want to get too deeply into committing here if the
flavor of my style doesn't match the definition or intent of this
project. the mugs i make are more like tea bowls. they're handbuilt, not
thrown. they hold liquid. they try to feel good in your hands. but they
don't have handles.

just checking.

joanna deFelice/David Payne