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shopping for an electric kiln-- advice?

updated thu 23 aug 07


Jeannean Hibbitts on wed 22 aug 07

Sounds like my Skutt 1027 with Envirovent 2 (which attaches to the =
bottom of the kiln with ducting to the outside wall, where the actual =
fan is located - so if there's a hole in the duct, I'm not exhausting to =
the room - good advice from Vince Pitelka). I can fire by cone or =
customize ramping. I bought mine at Georgie's in Portland and they =
shipped it to me. I talked to a fellow at Skutt before buying it and was =
impressed with their accessibility. I'm happy.=20

I want to thank all the people on Clayart who responded to my request =
for advice on installing a kiln. I learned that hard wiring is safer =
than using a plug, the vent fan should be at the wall as explained =
above, be sure to install a carbon monoxide monitor (my studio is in my =
home basement), a quick disconnect is a good idea (we removed the plug =
the kiln came with and wired the kiln into a fuse disconnect to protect =
the kiln from power problems - I remove the fuses when I'm not using the =
kiln), and install a smoke alarm (which we had in the basement anyway). =
What else?=20

I'm still learning, but I flounder a lot less since I found Clayart. I'm =
advised, informed, entertained, challenged, and encouraged by all of =
you. Thanks a million!

Now I just need to make good pots!

Jeannean Hibbitts
Spider Hole Pottery
in overcast but not rainy Astoria, Oregon, where it might hit 70 degrees =
today - my idea of paradise!