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newbie advice for tiffany et al.

updated thu 27 sep 07


Lili Krakowski on wed 26 sep 07

"Hi all. I just started throwing... and have some
... questions about wheels "

First, Tiffany, if you just STARTED throwing, you do NOT want to buy a
(Yes, I know that all u.c. means screaming, but I AM yelling right now.)

Countless people have an "experience" they fall in love with it--hunting.,
photography, snowshoeing,
weaving--and spend tons of money buying the best equipment--only to find
that they do not have the time,
the patience, the enduring interest, to do whatever it is. A friend gave me
an expensive, never used camera her late father had bought in the 50s.
Alas from non-use the thing had become useless...

So please please, I beg you, do not buy a wheel for at least a year.

Then. In my opinion all commercial wheels are ok. Check the archives for
reported problems with the motors, pedals. Wheels with huge torque are for
big gorgeous guys who can wrestle a bull to the ground and /or center and
raise 50 lbs of clay. Not all wheels are that strength and most people
do perfectly well with them.

There also is body size and shape....just as you choose a particular bicycle
model to "fit" you, some wheels will fit you better than others. Height,
shape, bosom and gushy size MATTER.

So by all means IN THE YEAR YOU ARE NOT BUYING A WHEEL go to different
shops and sit at the wheels and see what is most comfier . (I dislike a
famous brand as I find it uncomfortable) Furthermore some wheels weigh
more than others. Unless you have "come down where you ought to be"
remember every move of a wheel you cannot lift by yourself will cost you.

Lili Krakowski
Be of good courage