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updated fri 19 oct 07


primalmommy on thu 18 oct 07

mel: i do know (deep down somewhere) that my mfa show is not the be all
and end all of my career... but there are pressures nonetheless
it has to be work that i can identify with and feel proud of but it also
has to fit within the criteria of my prof's aesthetic/approval... it is
as much about the program as about my history as a potter on my own
it needs to be good enough work to justify to my family the expense and
schedule conflicts and mommy's-not-home hours and
grandma's-got-the-kids-for-the-day generosities of the previous two
it may well be the "resume" I take with me to go look for a teaching job
and while not essential, it would be nice if it looked gallery-worthy to
those non ceramics students and profs who mumble "craft" about
functional work

jeanie: your idea is a fertile and promising one but my path is laid out
for me, the months to my show numbered and counting down and there would
not be time... i suspect as well that i am not as smart as you make me
out to be ;0) and happily i should not be racked up for the long term. a
few weeks of modifying the way i work will likely find me back on the
wheel and patrick says he will be happy to center large amounts for
me... the seeds of your idea have been planted and are growing though,
and i feel like something in my show needs to acknowledge the
interdependence of we studio mates -- emotionally, physically, and in
realms of inspiration and problem solving. something to think and sketch
about. thank you.

nan, thanks too for the view from where you stand. again, fertile
territory. kevin crowe is a good man. i listened to his stories one year
at functional ceramics in wooster. we talked about homeschooling and he
asked me to read my poem "what to do with regrets" to the group. tell
him hello from me and happy firings to you.

and lili... competition? with whom? we in the studio are so busy helping
each other to succeed we hardly get to our own stuff some days.

hurry is my habit. am i competitive when i hurry through weeding,
laundry, drive a little fast, mop the guild after class like someone is
timing me?

hurry is imposed by my schedule. my mom has the kids for this many
hours, eldest can be in charge for this much time between my leaving and
dad getting home, and if i can get back before 10:30 pm my hubby will
still be awake and we can talk

hurry is enforced by my profs... work faster, make more work, time's
a-wasting, remake this, resolve that. go go go. picture the hundred
oarsmen in the ship's galley and the guy with the whip and drum keeping
time. are they competing?

i am the student from out of town and will not allow myself to do half a
degree because i can't be there weekends and midnights. so i work here,
haul it there, run around with boards full of pots. hubby says we can do
anything for two years. so i will certainly stop and breathe, watch my
step, not rush blindly... but the rush is on until graduation in spring.
too much is invested here for me to do less than i could.

no more emu commute this week and i am doing nothing much until
monday... gotta rush my daughter to the dentist now, though, and them my
son to lessons, and scare up a venison couscous for dinner bere i have
to teach at 6:30 at the guild. my students offered to mop for me

Kelly Savino in Ohio

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