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ot: test address and reply format (more)

updated wed 21 nov 07


Helen Bates on mon 19 nov 07

Hi Mel or Joyce,

Just one more test to see what works with a different reply to address
than my "from" address with the Clayart listserv...

This time it's "from:" my address and the "Reply
to:" is for my address.

The first one, "From:" and "Reply to:" worked as I'd hoped.
Earlier, I had tried using different "From:" and "Reply to:" addresses
and the post was just "caught in a loop" I think, because the software
couldn't handle a "Reply to:" that wasn't in its subscribers' list.

So, what I did, was subscribe to Clayart with both addresses, then send
from one with the reply to field set as the other. This seems to be
permitted, ie: you have to be subscribed with both addresses.

Obviously, at least one of them needs to be set "No Mail" to avoid
receiving duplicate posts at the subscriber end.



Helen Bates
Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Clayarters' URLs: