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looking for help formulating a cone 5-6 porcelain type throwing

updated tue 22 jan 08


Ron Roy on mon 21 jan 08


A good place to start would be 25% each of Kaolin (EPK), ball clay, silica
and Neph Sy for cone 6. If You want it whiter rather than easier working -
increase the EPK and decrease the ball. The More EPK you add the harder it
will be to melt so add more melter as needed.

It will take time to develop the body - testing for absorbency and
shrinkage as you make new versions - might as well start adding a little
Epsom Salts when you start mixing bigger batches - 0.2% or the Neph Sy will
eventually deflocc the body.

There are many cone 6 porcelains on the market - you should try some of those.

let me know if you need instructions on testing clay.


>I enjoed throwing porcelain in the past at workshops but hope to make up from
>''scratch'' and wish to reduce the temperature range to cone 6 to hold the
>firing cost down.I hope to fire it both in gas and electric kilns.Does anyone
>know of such a recipe or how to go about achieving it?
>Margaret in SC

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