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looking for a room/roommate at nceca!

updated mon 17 mar 08


Rosen Daniel on sun 16 mar 08

Hello all, I am posting the below message on behalf of Jan Hutchinson in
Louisiana who contacted me and is having problems sending mail to the list.
Hope someone can help her out! Please do not respond to me, but to her using
the contact info below. Cheers!

Hi, I am very last minute and am trying to get to NCECA next week, from
New Orleans. I found a decent airfare, now need to find a place to
stay. I'm happy to stay with a few people to keep the cost down--I'm
neat , clean, a teacher/potter, oh and don't snore either. I'll be
happy to sleep on a cot--I'm petite. Please let me know. My email is
cell 504-481-7160
home 504-865-8369