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posting to clayart listserv from alternate address

updated wed 4 jun 08


Helen Bates on tue 3 jun 08

Mel, Steve, Maurice, and others who are working on the Listserv software...

I've been a subscriber for about 9 years now, and have used various
e-mail addresses, serially or concurrently over most of that period.

While we were still using the older version, I subscribed to the list
with both my labellenell and my yelbanell addresses, and had the same
username for both.

With the change to version 15.5, my "labellenell" subscription has been
vapourised, possibly because I became confused when trying to use the
Clayart web interface, thus invoking a response that would normally be
given to a seeming spammer.

I've also subscribed using an e-mal address from a different domain...

Right now, I'm trying the web interface for posting this.

Wonder if it'll work tonight... (hasn't seemed to so far, but there may
be a miracle this time!

Cheers, and thanks for all the slogging you are doing to get this going.

Helen, in Belleville, Ontario

PS: The web-based search utility now works for me with my 2 subscribed
e-mail addresses!

PPS: as of yesterday, the post from the website utility still doesn't
work (at least for my "helba" address.)