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fwd: looking for cone 6 buttermilk

updated thu 13 nov 08


Alisa Clausen on wed 12 nov 08

Steven is right in my experience in achieving light yellows and creams.
Magnesium bases with Titianium will often reveal yellows. There are many
examples in my glaze pages at Flickr. I get the Magnesium from Dolomite.

Best regards, Alisa in Denmark

There are a wealth of these availabe in
the archives in ^6. I'd look for a
magnesium matte recipe, as opposed to
a calcium matte recipe, if I wanted a
somewhat yellower base. Have you
experimented with Don Goodrich's
magnesium base? It seems to do very
well with some basic colorants, and
has a nice 'hand.'

Best -- Steve S