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looking for a 1920's glaze

updated sun 10 may 09


Wyndham Dennison on sat 9 may 09

Several years ago I came accross a small 2-3 in pitcher with a mottled
copper gold glaze and on the bottom where a run had been ground off
asolid copper red glaze. So the skin of the glaze was somewhat a raku
flashing but the glaze itself was a copper red. From the look and
pparent age i would guess this was art deco or nevou (sp) time period.
oes anyone here know any of the history of early reduction firings of
this period. The only thibg I have learned is that most glkazes were
made from soluble salts of potassium calcium and lead oxides. The other
thing is that of the few that created Art glazes, the glaze books died
with the potter.
What brought this up again was finding a matt glazed post reduction
crystalline vase on a crystalline forum that had some of the same
characteristics of this early piece. I'm hoping this post might jog some
old references.
Thanks Wyndham