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looking for a recipe for.....

updated fri 25 sep 09


Evonne Smulders on thu 24 sep 09

Does anyone have a recipe for sculptural fondue using calcium-
aluminate (refractory) and clay and possibly some straw? It is used
for large outdoor sculptures.

Evonne Smulders

On 23-Sep-09, at 5:00 PM, dayton grant wrote:

> Hi Lee, I can't give you the plans for Michael's kiln but I have a
> different
> design that is in the process of being patented (with Micheal's
> blessing)
> that's actually a little faster (cone 14 in 1 hr., melted all the
> shelves
> and posts on about $5 worth of natural gas) , I'm selling one for
> $4000 ($
> not for long $) with half up front for materials, we can make some
> kind of a
> deal if you really want one. There are several designs around that
> claim to
> be 'fast firing', but I suggest you get a personal demonstration or
> at least
> a real time video of the claims before buying anything that sounds
> too good
> to be true, because it just is'nt that simple. Is that Mingei list
> still
> around? , I fell out of touch with it and I have'nt been able to
> find it
> again, please let me know, thanx
> Hi Vicki, I've been studying fast firing for 18yrs and the shortest
> safe
> cool time for cone ten stoneware is 7hrs, but 8 or 9hrs is safer
> especially
> for porcelain or any clay-body with really fine aggregate
> (sand) can
> fire as fast as you want after the ware has been bisqued, I mean you
> can
> literally open a space in the door (only if you can 'safely' do so)
> and put
> glazed bisque into a cone ten kiln, but if you take it out too soon
> it will
> crack apart before your very eyes, so the answer is 7 hours if you
> feel
> lucky and 9 hours if you really want to play it safe, I had pictures
> and
> video of the ware that came out of this firing but I made a false
> move with
> the computer and I lost 'em all, sorry.
> And Steve S., I'm glad you liked the video, thanx for looking.
> Thanx,Dayton