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help-looking for prior post concerning lead and 16th italian m=

updated fri 16 oct 09


Maurice Weitman on thu 15 oct 09

edical report

At 13:22 +0000 on 10/15/09, piedpotterhamelin@COMCAST.NET wrote:
>Someone posted a 16th c. Italian medical report about lead that I
>found important but I didn't have the time to keep. I can't seem to
>find it and would like your help. Please email me either the full
>post or the listing date and author so I can get keep it.
>Thank you for the original post and forwarding me the information

Hello, Rick,

This it???


Date: Sat, 10 Oct 2009 10:21:53 -0700
From: jeanne wood
Subject: Lead glazes and potters in history

Are you tired of the "Lead Thread" yet?
Well, at least I think this is interesting ;-)
-Jeanne W.
In N. Idaho

Bernadino Ramazzini (1633 - 1714), Professor of Medicine at the
University of Modena and widely regarded as the founder of industrial
medicine described potters in his 'De Morbis Artificum Diatriba'
written in the early 18th century. wrote

"They need roasted or calcined lead for glazing their=3DA0 pots
...their mouths, nostrils, and the whole body take in the lead
poison, hence they are soon attacked by grievous maladies.

First their hands become palsied, then they become paralytic,
Splenetic, lethargic, cachectic, and toothless, so that one rarely
sees a potter whose face is not cadaverous and the colour of lead."