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wanted to say woo hoo ... but it was a little early have a problem=

updated sun 17 jan 10


billie mitchell on sat 16 jan 10

with kiln

i cleaned off my test kiln and everything looked fine. mud i thought only
made it to the bottom of the kiln
the kiln fired up.. light came on but in the electrical panel on the kiln
you can see little sparks in it. not sure
what it is .. any suggestions? i have an electrician coming tomorrow anyway=
but if i can fix it myself before
he comes that would save me a few bucks..
i really thought i was going to be able to say woo hoo i fired bowls which
anyone who knows me knows i
dont do funtional very often. these greenware bowls made it through the
mudslide so i really would like to get
them fired before they get broke..
thanks all for any help you can give me!
billie mitchell