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looking for recipe for floating blue and floating e

updated tue 23 dec 97


Deborah Redfern on sat 20 dec 97

Good day all

Some time ago, I read about these two glazes and I intended to try them. Finally I have time to do some new glaze testing,
now I cannot find the recipes anywhere, have done an archive search even! Would
someone be willing to share them with me? I am firing to cone 6, by the way.

Seasons greetings to everyone,

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Gordon on mon 22 dec 97

Here is the receipe and analysis of Floating Blue or Blue Hare. I
find the glaze works better at ^5 with a slow firing. If the firing is too
hot you get green snot instead of Blue Hare.Have fun testing.
Kathleen Gordon

Glaze name: Blue Hare
Cone: 5
Color: Opaque Blue Green
Testing: Tested
Surface texture: Shiny or Glossy
Firing: Oxidation
Glaze type:

Recipe: Percent Batch
Neph Sy 47.30 47.30
Gerstley Borate 27.00 27.00
Silica 20.30 20.30
Epk 5.40 5.40
Totals: 100.00 % 100.00 gm

Also add:
Red IronOxide 2.00 2.00
Cobalt oxide 1.00 1.00
Rutile (milled) 4.00 4.00
Bentonite 2.00 2.00

Possible Health Hazards:
Silica: free silica-wear a NIOSH approved dust mask when handling dry material

Unity Formula for Blue Hare:
0.100 K2O 0.554 Al2O3 4.074 SiO2
0.420 Na2O 0.485 B2O3 7.4:1 Si:Al Ratio
0.476 CaO
0.004 MgO

Percentage Analysis:
61.61 % SiO2
14.23 % Al2O3
8.49 % B2O3
2.37 % K2O
6.55 % Na2O
6.72 % CaO
0.05 % MgO

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Kathleen Gordon
Palo Alto,Ca