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urgent bacia slide show. looking for a new time

updated sun 14 mar 10


Russel Fouts on sat 13 mar 10

It looks like Bacia's presentation is going to be preempted by departure =
for the Tobin party. It's unclear what time the busses expect to start =3D
leaving but if it's "late afternoon" as mel says, then it looks like =3D
people will be leaving before or during the presentation.

Currently, it's scheduled from 6:30pm until 7:30pm on Thursday. Is that =3D
going to be a problem?

Andree is willing to change the time and is free anytime Thursday or =3D
Friday. Maybe friday evening the same time; 6:30pm to 7:30pm would be =3D

I haven't been keeping close track of what's going on in the Clayart =3D

Please let us know so we can confirm with people. We have folks bring a =3D
projector and screen to loan.

There will also be a short presentatation; just a few minutes, as part =3D
of the Friday morning NCECA memorials program. I'm not sure at the =3D
moment who is going to be reading the eulogy, either Andree or Marta.


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