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trigger thumb surgery: looking for first hand (sorry!) experiences

updated wed 5 may 10


Miri Hardy on tue 4 may 10

Hi all,
I have scheduled surgery to repair trigger thumb in my right hand (I'm ri=
handed). I have not responded to other courses of treatment (including=3D2=

multiple cortisone shots). I have scoured the Clayart archives for exper=
of clay folks with trigger thumb but am still left wanting.=3D20=3D20

If you have had surgery to relieve trigger thumb (or finger) I'd love to =
hear from=3D20
you. I'm especially interested in hearing about the recovery process (e.=
g., how=3D20
long it took) and any specific tips or advice you might have about recove=
healing, and getting back into the studio asap.

Thanks in advance and all the best,

Miri in PR