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looking for an extruder?

updated fri 21 may 10


Joan Slack on thu 20 may 10

Hi clayarters,

I am selling my extruder-here are the details:

It is a NorthStar stainless steel 4" barrell with all basic dies and =3D
accessory die kit that includes 4 large coil dies, 2 ribbon dies, 6 =3D
hollow 2 piece dies (hexagon, round, square) plus interior z brace for =3D
hollow extrusions. This extruder has been only used a few times and many =
of the dies have never used- it is like new!=3D20

This model and die package sells for $378 new: I am selling it for $298 =
complete (firm price). It is located in northern Wisconsin for pick-up. =3D
I will ship it in 2 packages of 25# and 5#, and shipping costs are not =3D
included. This is a great deal for someone looking for this machine!

Contact Joan Slack, Riverrun Pottery, 715-277-4224 or =3D