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looking for salt glazing info and help

updated fri 25 jun 10


penni stoddart on wed 23 jun 10

Not only am I potter and teacher, I also spend my summer doing 1812 living
history - that is, my kids and I re-enact the war of 1812 here in
south-western Ontario. I sell my pottery - historically accurate pottery -
to re-enactors and the public who visit whatever historical (or hysterical,
you pick) site we are at for that weekend.
I have an electric kiln gathering dust in my garage. When I bought it about
8 years ago it needed new elements and a new kiln sitter tube assembly. I
have tried to sell it over the years without luck. So, having talked to
several fellow re-enactors lately I have been thinking about doing salt
I don't want to re-wire this kiln but perhaps use propane to fire it. Yes, =
could have spent hours surfing the net to find the info about it all but
figured I'd start here with the knowledgeable staff on board.
If you have info about salt glazing or perhaps a really good website to
visit regarding said technique - could you please let me know?
Thanks all!

=3Do) =3Do) =3Do) =3Do) =3Do)
Penni Stoddart
London, Ontario

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